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Amendments to the Road Traffic Law

Fresh Route it’s a way if transporting goods in controlled temperature in the range of -22°C +20°C. It was created because there is a group of specific products, that require a special conditions during the transport. The key is to keep the correct temperature during the whole transport.

The carriage of goods at controlled temperatures includes: food (e.g. meat, fish, frozen foods), medical products, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products, but also some electronics and building materials. Ensuring the right conditions its crucial for those products due to the problems that may occur when temperatures are crossing the minimum and maximum temperature during the transport may affect their quality. It may even make them not suitable for use. In case of the medicines, the breach of conditions may result in the change of chemical composition. Which is associated with the emergence of a real threat to health.

Those kind of shipping require a well thought out plan. Logistics play a key role here. During planning the transport it is important to choose the shortest road, with no downtime, so the transport can be fluent and efficient. Only then it will be possible to obtain the highest quality of the transporting service.

Monitoring the whole transport is also a very important issue. Documents should be kept for the transportation of medicines, as the entire process is controlled and the medicines must be transported at low temperatures. Transporting companies are obligated to such documentation. You also need specialized staff to coordinate transport at every stage.

Transport orders are carried out using isothermal bodies with aggregate or refrigerated containers – reefers.

We offer Fresh Route solutions. We meet all transport requirements at a controlled temperature in door-to-door format and we have been providing this type of service to satisfied customers for years.

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