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Telematics of transport

In times of constant time pressure, forwarding companies are facing more and more challenges. To modern logistic problems efficiently in such company, it is important to have certain abilities and have experience in this field. Unfortunatly often, managers have to deal with unexpected behavior of their employees, even with such competences. The human factor is the biggest barrier to the effective operation of the transport of goods. This is why it is worth to reach of to technology. Therefore, in such cases it is worth reaching for technology. Telematics in transport works well against such challenges.


This concept arose from a combination of words „telecomunication” and „informatics”. Such a parallel shows range of the topic. Telematics of transport impacts the process of mobility of people and goodds, by using modern technlogies integrated with physical system datas. It allows to improve the financial results and increase company’s efficiency. It also raises security during the courses.


Telematics in transport is a certain web of cooperating devices, which helps with easy and fluent data exchange. Thanks to this forwarding companies are able to improve the run of particular tasks, that in general are helping to realize optimalized goods transporting policy.

The main telematics system elements are:

  • Internet

  • GPS localizators

  • Devices monitoring weather and traffic

  • Radars and street cameras

  • Radio communication

  • Sensors and recorders

The operation of the entire telematics system is mainly based on the transmission of relevant data by recorders to the fleet manager. In addition, supervisors are able to constantly communicate with drivers regarding the efficient implementation of tasks.


Elasticity and optimalized dynamic level of transport are the factors, that every forwarding company should take care of. This allows strengthening the trust of existing customers and gaining new ones. Such a goal can be achieved by adjusting the route by constant control of the traffic or road works. Additionaly reduction of fuel exploatation, insurance from abuses and control of the route and driving parameters will reduce costs meaningly. What is more, telematics allows to rationally plan loadings and routes. It is using the time effectively.

Our company also takes care of optimalization of the transports and possibly highest effectiveness. We are trying to make all of our clients pleased by the quallity of our service. We can certify that we manage our transport operations in a reasonable manner that streamlines the entire transport procedure and we do not intend to give it up.