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Safety on roads

Christmas are over, during this special period, we had a joyful time spend with our loved ones. However, before you get behind the wheel, go shopping, find out how you can be careful on the road.

Increased traffic on the roads during Christmas period is nothing unusual. People are leaving cities or even countries, visiting their families and loved ones. It is special time for everyone, that is why everyone want to arrive on time. It turns out that so little is lacking to make a tragedy through distraction, rush, carelessness. Just look at the statistics last year.

Negative weather conditions and lack of carefulness.

In the last year, between 21 and 26 of December 443 accidents occurred, in which 36 people died. According to police information, most of them were made by careless pedestrians. People in a hurry run across the street, falling under the cars. Very often they forget that during winter visibility on the roads is much worse than in summer. Apart from that, atmospheric conditions, especially when it is snowing, negatively affect the grip of the wheels on the road. Pedestrians does not wear any glare, so they are really hard to notice, especially on unlit roads with no sidewalks beside it.

These are sad statistics, but due to roadside checks, the number of accidents, compared to 2017, has significantly decreased.

Alcohol and driving behind the wheel

According to statistics, in 2018 during the holiday season, the Police stopped as many as 1,272 drunk drivers! It’s shocking how people forget about security. Route4U reminds that drunk drivers carry an incredible danger on the road, not only for themselves and passengers, but also for other road users.

International forwarding and holiday season

Apart from weather conditions, season or holidays, some goods must be transported from point A to point B. It regards, among others for medicines that must be found in pharmacies so that nobody runs out of them. Our drivers admit that they must have “eyes around their heads” at this time. All procedures for transporting such cargo must be buttoned up, especially in the winter. At that time everyone would like to be at home, which is why rush has become our greatest enemy here. Our employees are aware of this, which is why they are extremely cautious, especially in built-up areas, where accidents often occur.

We call for common sense

Dear drivers and pedestrians, be very careful on the roads. Especially at pedestrian crossings. Do not overtake ahead and directly on non-directed pedestrian crossings (besides a huge threat, such a maneuver will cost you 10 penalty points and PLN 200 fine!). Do not run onto the road until you are sure you can safely cross to the other side. Stay alert especially when visibility is limited. If you can, use public transport. Carry flares always with you. And most importantly – do not sit behind the wheel if you have previously consumed alcohol. In this way you can avoid the tragedy.

The whole Route4U team would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Safety, above all, a wide path and peace of mind.


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