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Ecology in transport

The main challenge for modern transport companies is their sustainable development which won’t have negative impact on the environment. This task is difficult to fulfill because the process of exchanging goods and services is characterized by high greenhouse gas emission. The best solution for this problem is clever, pro-ecological strategy that will limit environmental impact of transportation.

Green supply chain

The essence of the green supply chain is optimization all logistics processes to make them more environmentally friendly. The main goal of the idea of green supply chain is a drastically reduction in the production of greenhouse gases and lower consumption of natural resources such as water or energy. Adjusting to these recommendations requires a lot of commitment from transport companies. The positive effect is worth it.

What are the key elements of green supply chain?

  • Optimization of usual routes, proper selection of vehicles and reduction of empty journeys will minimize carbon dioxide emission
  • Proper selection of suppliers and integration of the supply chain
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources and energy
  • Educational activates addressed to counterparties and clients
  • Automation of the transport fleet

Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics is responsible for introducing ecological solutions to logistic and transport sectors. Its main purpose is to reduce environmental impact of transport. A number of activities have a huge impact on achieving this goal, among other things, recycling, restoring and refreshing goods, reducing of surplus of goods in stock and customer returns or managing hazardous waste. All these activities will have a positive impact on our planet – from building an ecological warehouse, through choosing ecological packaging and reducing of waste disposal.

There are many variants of pro-ecological action that we can implement into our standard transport plans. Moreover, the ecological trend will grow along with social awareness and the actions of government and non-governmental organizations. R4Y is open to all activities that will positively affect the natural environmental. We believe that protecting our planet is one of the main tasks of modern transportation companies. Therefore, we constantly monitor the latest solutions introduced in our industry that will reduce the emission of harmful emissions. Ecology is really important and shouldn’t be ignored.


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