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Macron law

As from 1st july 2016, France requires foreign companies involved in the transport of persons and goods on its territory to apply the French regulations on the remuneration of posted workers.

Certificate of temporary assignment and representation in France

We recall here the most important requirements:

From 1st july 2016, all foreign companies in the transport sector that carry out at least one transport to/from France or a cabotage must issue a French posting attestation for each driver abd in accordance with French law, the payment of 9.67 euros gross per hour of job.

The period of validity of this certicate shall be that indicated by the undertaking up to a maximum of 6 months from the date of issue. During the validity period, the certificate can cover several missions or temporary assignment operations.

The period of representation can not be shorter than the period of posting of the worker.

While waiting for the launching in Poland, the national electronic registrer of road tranporters on the French sidewill accept a number of Communautary licence agreement.

In the cab of the vehicle must be:

  1. A certificate of temporary assignment (in French);
  2. The driver’s employment contract (in Polish);
  3. The non-compliance with the injunctions contained in the French labour regulation involves penal and administrative sanctions

Penal fines from 450 to 750 euros and administrative sanctions from 2000 to 50000 euros are provided for this purpose.


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