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Changes to the rules for the transport

Changes to the rules for the transport of non-animal food

According to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, from December 14, 2019 we can expect new regulations regarding the transport of food from third countries. What changes are we talking about? As transport and logistics are part of our everyday life, we constantly follow changes in road traffic regulations. We are abreast all the time, and share the newest informations with You.

On te website www.gis.gov.pl we can read, that the new law regulations will apply to the food, that require higher level of official control, or have special transport conditions for transporting goods to EU from some third world countries. To avoid any misurdenstandings every forwarding company that participates in such transport must fill first part of CHED-D document, and send it to the restricted border inspection post.

It connects with the need to register the goods for the border control. It is important to remember, that this document can be filled only in electronic system TRACENS – NT.

Important information for transport companies transporting this type of goods – to be able to continue working, you must create an account in the system before December 14, 2019.

Creating an account in TRACENS-NT is one-time and free. All informations needed to create such an account are given in the instruction – it is worth reading on the website of the legislator. If, however, there are any doubts, you should report to the nearest poviat or border sanitary and epidemiological station, where you can get all the necessary information and help in completing the formalities.

Transport of the food, for safety reasons, is subject to more regulations than the carriage of any other items. This is why, before transporting this type of goods, it is important to all regulations, to make sure that it is completely safe for the goods and the consuments.

Restrictive sanitary and epidemiological law aims to protect the health or life of anyone who would come into contact with such food in the future.

As specialists, we strive for the highest quality of our services, which is why we introduce any changes to the law without delay.

More details about changes in the law can be read here https://gis.gov.pl/dzialalnosc-gospodarcza/produkcja-i-obrot/traces/informacje-dla-importerow-zywnosci/