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Oversized loads

Oversized loads require special logistics planning. This is due to the fact that the transported objects exceed their weight (> 42 tons) or size (> 16.5 m long, 2.5 m wide, 4 m high) legal norms for traveling on national or international roads. These types of goods include heavy construction equipment, steel structures, agricultural machinery, halls and warehouses, and bridge spans.

Organizing such a delivery is a logistical challenge that requires:

Having appropriate permits and staff

A suitable vehicle suitable for this type of load. Must have semi-trailers and low-bed platforms. They can also be rail cars and platforms, ships or planes.

Accurate planning of the route – we must take into account whether there are signs and poles on the route, and what is the maximum pressure of the vehicle on the surface, occurrence of communication obstacles or width of roads.

Travel permits – their cost is set individually based on the length of the route and the exceeded dimensions

As mentioned above, the price of the permit also depends on the dimensions of the load. We can highlight the following types:

Oversized – the given product slightly exceeds the permissible dimensions. Their transport does not require any special permits.

Long – these are all loads that significantly exceed the permissible standards with their length. They can reach up to 60 m in length.

Large-size – they have a relatively low weight compared to their size.

Heavy – their specificity is massiveness and very often large dimensions. Their weight can reach up to 200 tons.

In Poland, there are many restrictions on the transport of oversized cargo. First of all, road infrastructure is not always built in a thoughtful way. The number of roundabouts and road signs is a challenge for companies that coordinate the transport of such loads. In addition, the condition of the road surface is not very good in many places. What’s more, obtaining all necessary permits is very time consuming and problematic. It is because of official formalities that many transports experience delays.

The size of oversized loads is not really a limit, especially for our company. We specialize in transporting such goods and we have already coped well with many obstacles. We offer professional knowledge and appropriate equipment. We carry out even the most demanding orders. Therefore, if you plan to transport oversized cargo in the near future, please contact us.